豚インフルエンザの対策 Measures Against Swine Influenza

1. 貧困層に巡回検診を実施し、予防薬を配布したり、ワクチンを接種する。
2. 保菌者や発症者に対して必要な治療を施す。
3. 貧困層に対する医療や衛生水準を大きく改善する。

This virus may become stronger from now on.
The world's governments should take measures as follows for nothing to detect infection early and prevent expansion of a new flu.
1. Do a round medical checkup for the poor, and distribute a preventive medicine or inoculate a vaccine.
2. Give required medical treatment to the carriers and the symptoms.
3. Improve greatly the medical and sanitary level on the poor.
In developing countries, welfare on the poor is so inadequate, the governments should put in power with priority.
Otherwise, the same incidents will occur and, politically and economically, societies will suffer big damege in the future.