鯨が増えると魚が減る Fishes Lose As Whales Get


【7月26日 AFP】反捕鯨団体「シー・シェパード(Sea Shepherd Conservation SocietySSCS)」は26日、ドイツで保釈条件を破り22日以降所在が分からなくなっている創設者のポール・ワトソン(Paul Watson)代表(61)が逃亡したことを認め、コスタリカに身柄が引き渡された場合さらに日本へ移送される恐れがあったためだとの見方を示唆した。

 SSCSのスーザン・ハートランド(Susan Hartland)氏は、ワトソン容疑者の逃亡については認めたものの、居場所は知らないと主張。「信頼できる筋から得た情報に基づき、ひとたびコスタリカへ送られれば、日本政府が彼ら(日本)の違法捕鯨活動に対する(SSCSの)妨害について尋問するため、ワトソン船長の日本への身柄引き渡しを要請すると信じる根拠がある」と述べた。
Some insist we must not kill whales because they are an intelligent higher animal.
Then we may kill weak-headed lower animals, dogs and cats, kangaroos and koalas?
This is Nazism under the names of the animal protection from eugenic selectivity.

Whales eat a large quantity of plankton and small animals.
Then small fishes feeding on them decrease, and large fishes decrease by a food chain.
It causes food wants all over the world.
We should supervise chaotic whaling, but we should perform appropriate whaling.
In addition, we must promote fish-culturing to protect marine resources while coping with increasing consumption.
Sea Shepherd founder says Japan after revenge
SYDNEY — Fugitive Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson on Tuesday accused Japan of conspiring with Germany and Costa Rica to hunt him down in revenge for his attacks on its whaling operations.
In his first comments since jumping bail and fleeing Germany, where he had been under house arrest for two months, the militant environmentalist said he felt betrayed by Berlin because it had negotiated with Tokyo to extradite him.
Watson, who for years has harassed Japan's annual whale hunt off Antarctica, was arrested in Germany in May for extradition to Costa Rica over a high-seas confrontation over shark finning in 2002.
Last week Japan confirmed it asked Berlin to extradite Watson a few days before the 61-year-old marine conservationist skipped bail.
In a message to supporters on the Sea Shepherd website, Watson said Costa Rica and Germany had been "pawns in the Japanese quest to silence Sea Shepherd", which has for years clashed with harpoon ships in the Southern Ocean.
"We have confronted the Japanese whalers for eight seasons and we have humiliated them at sea and more importantly we have frustrated their illegal profiteering from the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
"This is not about justice; it is about revenge," he said.

Ninjas vs Sea Shepherd...Merciless fight begins.
Blue sea is becoming bloody. (((@_@;))