消費者は毒を盛られている Consumers Poisoned

「先生、毒まみれ食品が氾濫してます。 食っても大丈夫なら、初めから食用として売りゃいいんですよね」
「有機化合物に重金属…肉も野菜も魚も毒まみれじゃ。 消費者は、無慈悲な国家と強欲な業者にゆっくり殺されるんじゃよ」

メラミン入り粉ミルク事件、拘束者18人に 中国(CNN)
"Master, poisonous foods are flooding. They may sell something as edible from the beginning, if it's safe to eat."
"Heavy metals and organic compounds... Meat, vegetables and fish are all harmed. We consumers are slowly killed by merciless states and the greedy sellers"
"But, unless we don't take anything, we'll die from hunger like Goedel. We die at any rate, so we'd better eat."
"This is a discovery. Pickles match curry!"

Poor babies were murdered.
China: Fourth baby dies from tainted formula (CNN)