福音的なレシピ 2 - 肉(ロースト) Evangelic Recipe 2 - Meat(Roast)


1. 肉は調理1、2時間前に赤ワインに漬ける。
2. 赤ワインにはニンニクを入れておく。
3. 熱したフライパンにとローリエまたはローズマリーを敷く。
4. その上に肉とニンニクを置いて蒸し焼きにする。
5. 表面を軽く焼いたら、好みの味付けでじっくり弱火で焼く。
6. 肉はそれ自体の油で焼く。 脂身がないときはラードまたはオリーブオイルを少し使ってもいい。


Human beings have got superior to other primates by eating meat.
We have studied hunting and breeding animals and cooking them with fire to take meat.
Unless we take meat, we will not evolve.
In Japan, meat-eating had been banned for about 1,200 years from the Asuka Era to Meiji Era.
It is supposed that this was officially based on Buddhism.
But in fact, it was a plot of the gavernment, which intended the people to turn on caltivating for keeping tax income and feared them to get strong physically by meat-eating.
So it is a special meal at Easter.
As long as about the past 2,000 years, Easter have pursued intently. 
What and how hould we take at Easter!?
Setting aside that, this is how to roast meat.

How to make
1. Soak meat in red wine 12 hours before cooking.
2. Put some garlics in the red wine.
3. Put some bay leaves or rosemaries in a heated frying pan.
4. Place the meat and the garlics on them and braise them.
5. After you find the surfaces of the meat burned lightly, braise over low heat thoroughly with favorite seasoning.
6. Roast the meat with the fat of itself.  With no fat, use a little lard or olive oil.

(Note) Although I tried only beef other than Japanese beef, pork, chicken, and mutton, I want you to challenge on rabbit and alligator.
(Note) We use white wine for fish. But I have never done except salmon.
(Note) As an example of seasoning, I recommend basil, oregano, black pepper, and salt or soy sauce.
(Note) If you like hot, use red pepper etc.suitably.
(Note) Use the wine for stew.