福音的なレシピ 1 - エーゲ海風イカ飯 Evangelic Recipe 1 - Squid Risotto the Aegean Style


1. イカ(2はい)を調理1時間前に漬け汁=白ワイン(300ml)+酢(大さじ1)に漬けておく。
2. もち米(0.6-1.0合)も水に1時間漬けておく。
3. イカを取り出し水ですすいでさばく。 胴体は皮を剥かず筋を取り、スプーンで腸をきれいにすくい出す。げそは手でしごいて吸盤を取る。
4. 漬け汁にトマトソース(200g)、コショウ(少々)、にんにくパウダー(少々)、バジル(少々)、オリーブオイル(大さじ2-3)、塩(小さじ1-2)、調味料(少々)、ローリエ(1枚)を加えて弱火で煮詰める。
5. もち米の水を切りげそを細切れにしてパルメザンチーズ(大さじ1-3)とともに混ぜる。 腸は漬け汁に入れて煮る。
6. 漬け汁をスプーンですくってもち米に絡ませたらイカに詰め、口を爪楊枝で留めて漬け汁に入れて一緒に煮込む。
7. イカがふっくら膨れたら出来上がり。


Now it is pre-Easter season, Christians do not take much meat.
Then we would like to eat seafood well.
But fish have priced high these days.
Fish have already been no longer Japanese food.
But still now, neither a squid nor an octopus is so popular.
For we Japanese, it is a good chance.
So let's cook a rice-stuffed squid.
Although a Japanese style is OK, try a Greek style.
The pure white arched roofs on the cobalt blue sea.
When we take it, a breeze of the Aegean Sea will go through the mouth. 
Aside from whether that's true or not, we will remember its taste, once we take it.
Now nobody shall say, it's smelling.

How to Cook
1. Soak squids (2) in the pickling juice = white wine (300ml) + vinegar (1 tablespoon) 1 hour before cooking.
2. Soak glutinous rice (100-150g) in water for 1 hour.
3. Take out the squids, rinse them with water and cut and tear them. As for the bodies, do not strip the skin, take off the bone, and dip up the intestines finely with a spoon. Strip off the suckers from the tentacles with a hand.
4. Add tomato sauce (200g), pepper (a little), garlic powder (a little), basil (a little), olive oil (2-3 tablespoons), salt (1-2 teaspoons), seasoning (a little) and a bay leaf to the pickling juice, and boil down it by low heat.
5. Drain glutinous rice, cut the tentacles into a fragment, and mix them with Parmesan cheese (1-3 tablespoons). Boil the intestines in the pan.
6. Mix the glutinous rice with spoons of pickling juice and stuff them in the squid's bodies, and then seal them with a toothpick, and put them into the pickling juice, and boil them well together.
7. Complete when squids swell puffily.

(Note) Rice is increase or decrease according to the body size of the squid.
(Note) Olive oil and salt shall be adjusted by liking.
(Note) Seasonings are bouillon, consomme or Japanese stock.
(Note) If cheese is put in, it will make a taste of Italian risotto. If you don't like it, you don't need cheese.
(Note) This tastes explodingly good, so in alarm of metabolic syndrome under announcement.